Monday, November 24, 2014

A Near Term Acorda ACOR Catalyst

In January Acorda will be announcing their progress in reviewing and potentially rationalizing their pipeline. You may recall that this company recently acquired Civitas which Acorda believes has a $500 million dollar per year potential in their levodopa inhaler product to be used as a "rescue" therapy. This acquisition requires a reordering of priorities. The therapy will be going into a Phase III before the end of the year 2014. The tone I believe I am hearing from recent presentations by Acorda's CEO and another by Acorda's Chief Scientific Officer, Andrew Blight may put Plumiaz, being developed for cluster seizures, on the backburner along with NP-1998, being developed for neuropathic pain. (This is just Mike reading between the lines - the tea leaves, so to speak). These could also be turned into a revenue though sale or licensing and take some pressure off in terms of dollars that will be needed to conduct multiple Phase III trials in 2015. By the way, AC105 for spinal cord injury is another possibility. It went without mention in each of the two presentations I listened to last week.

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